NorthConnex Motorway Tunnel Connecting the M1 & M2

NorthConnex Entrance - Source: NSW Government

NorthConnex is a major road infrastructure project taking place in Sydney’s North-West. It is a 9km tunnel which will go underground (up to 90m at the tunnel’s deepest point, under the North West Rail Link Tunnel) connecting the M2 Hills Motorway & Pennant Hills Road to the M1 Pacific Highway Interchange.

On Completion, NorthConnex will become Sydney’s & Australia’s largest underground road project. However, it will be overtaken once the WestConnex M4-M5 Link Tunnel is completed.

The developer & operator of the NorthConnex tunnel will be Transurban. This will be a Motorway meaning it will be a toll-road which motorists will be required to pay a fee everytime they go through it.

Here are the expected toll feed upon NorthConnex Opening the tunnel:

Cars: A$6.41

Trucks: A$19.25

Toll prices are expected to increase in line with the proposed concession agreement with the Government which will end in the year 2048.

Here is a Video showcasing the NorthConnex Project:

Key Benefits of the NorthConnex Project:

  • 9km of Tunnel linking the M1 Pacific Motorway & the M2 Hills Motorway
  • No traffic lights between Newcastle & Melbourne
  • Bypass up to 21 sets of traffic lights
  • Deliver improved air quality to local residents
  • Tunnel height of 5.3m
  • Returning local streets to local communities
  • Providing opportunities for improved public transport
  • 8,700 Jobs for NSW
  • Built for 3 lanes but marked for 2 lanes upon opening
  • Improve the efficient movement of state & national freight
  • Better & more reliable trips for people, businesses & freight
  • Avoid 40 sets of traffic lights on Pacific Highway to Sydney CBD
  • Up to 5,000 trucks off Pennant Hills Road
  • A time saving of up to 15 minutes

Here is a map of the future alignment of the road, in regard to the rest of Sydney’s Orbital Motorway Network:

NorthConnex Map
NorthConnex Map - Source: Transurban

It is expected that the tunnel would cost $3 Billion.

NorthConnex is scheduled to open to traffic as a two-lane underground motorway in 2019.


  1. It is rumored that trucks that will be forced to use this tunnel will drive at or below 40 klm/h to make maximum use of the $19 they will be charged. At night this tunnel will allow travel at the maximum speed.