M12 Airport Motorway Route has been Announced

M12 Motorway Sign

The M12 Motorway subbed the Airport Motorway is a proposed new motorway in Western Sydney connecting the M7 at Cecil Hills with The Northern Road at Luddenham.

A proposed route has been selected by the NSW Government after a consultation process. Here is the route:

M12 Motorway Proposed Route
M12 Motorway Proposed Route - Source: NSW Government

Key Characteristics of the M12 Airport Motorway:

  • An east-west 16 kilometre motorway between the M7 Motorway, Cecil Hills and The Northern Road, Luddenham
  • A 300 metre wide corridor, that would be reduced to 100-150 metres during the preliminary design process
  • A motorway built for four lanes (with provision for up to six lanes) with a central median to separate opposing traffic flows
  • A grade separated interchange at the Western Sydney Airport
  • New at grade connection to The Northern Road
  • Motorway-to-motorway interchange at the M7 Motorway
  • Provision for a grade-separated interchange in the vicinity of Mamre Road / Devonshire Road
  • Off-road shared pedestrian and cyclist paths.

Key Objective of the M12 Airport Motorway:

  • Provide direct access from the M7 Motorway to the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek, and from the M4 Motorway via The Northern Road
  • Improve access to the Western Sydney Priority Growth Area and the South West Priority Growth Area
  • Increase road capacity for future growth and development
  • Improve traffic safety for road users
  • Increase pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure
  • Improve road freight movement to key commercial centres
  • Reduce the cost of congestion impact to the community and business.

Here is a map of the $3.6 Billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan, which is funding the M12 motorway:

Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan
Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan - Source: NSW Government

When is construction of the M12 Motorway expected to begin?

Construction is expected to begin in 2020.

Why is the M12 Motorway being built?

To facilitate the population growth of the new Western Sydney South-West growth area & connect the proposed Western Sydney Airport to Sydney’s existing motorway system.

Update: 3rd of May 2018

There has been a slight change in the route so it does not affect the Western Sydney Parklands in a major way, the new route is all but the same except for the entrance onto the m12 now being a few kilometres up the M7 in Cecil Hills.

Here is a map displaying the latest route:

M12 Motorway Route May 2018 - Soure: NSW Government/RMS
M12 Motorway Route May 2018 - Soure: NSW Government/RMS


  1. We have to hope and pray that the powers that be make the best decisions in regard to developing the infrastructure required to not only adequately service the new airport but to develop infrastructure that also has a very high level of aesthetic appeal. That of course also goes for the design of the new airport itself. This entire development simply must be something that impresses because it is such a major build and should be considered as significant as The Sydney Harbour Bridge (SHB) is; the SHB has stood the test of time and from the day it was finished to this very day and no doubt beyond, its aesthetic appeal is very highly regarded the world over. Please, please, please, a million times ‘please’, in regard to the broader development of the Western Sydney Airport, don’t just do well NSW and Federal governments but instead, hit the damn ball out of the park, so-to-speak.

    • Fully Agreed Craig, we would love to see nothing better than a true “aerotropolis” as the government has claimed they will do when they first announced the project. It’s truly possible, especially with over $5 Billion to play with.