Gregory Hills Town Centre

Gregory Hills is a wonderful place to live, work and play. With so many stores right outside the door of Gregory Hills town centre, there’s always something new happening.

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Amenities include convenient parking spot assigned by staff members who take care in making sure it’s clear for visitors as well

Gregory Hills Town Centre Location Address

The Gregory Hills town centre is located in 33 Village Cct, Gregory Hills NSW 2557

Gregory Hills Town Centre Opening Hours

Here are the times listed below:


Opening Times of the Gregory Hills shopping Town Centre

Where is Gregory Hills located in Sydney?

Gregory Hills is located in the southwestern suburbs of Sydney. It is a relatively new suburb, having been developed in the 2010s. The town centre is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and businesses. These businesses range from retail (both small and big-box) to light industrial

The Gregory Hills area is best known for the residential subdivisions that have occurred over the last decade, being a significant growth area of South-west Sydney.

What types of amenities are located in Gregory Hills?

The Gregory Hills town centre features a variety of amenities, including a supermarket, a discount department store, several restaurants and cafes, and several small businesses. It also has a children’s playground, a bus public transport stop, and a number of car parking spaces.

Stores located within the Gregory Hills Town Centre

Here is a list of stores located within the Gregory Hills Town Centre:

  • Aldi
  • BWS
  • Christiane’s Hair Design
  • Eden Flower Studio
  • EG
  • El Jannah
  • Espresso Warriors Café
  • Eye Mechanics
  • Gregory Hills Village Bakery
  • House of Barbers
  • Hungry Jacks
  • Il Sapore
  • Kanhaiyas Indian Grocer
  • Lee Massage & Accupuncture
  • Mad Mex
  • Manousheh
  • My Property Consultants
  • News & Gifts HQ
  • Noodle Paradise
  • Our Medical Home
  • MedicinesRus
  • Product of Italy
  • Planet Mobile
  • Ribs & Burgers
  • Robusta Café
  • Rosy Nails
  • Seven Seas
  • Sushi Culture
  • Taste of India
  • The Beauty Base
  • The Reject Shop
  • TSG Tabacconist & Gifts
  • Village Thai
  • Woolworths
  • Yogurberry