How Long Does it take to Build a House

New House Build in Sydney
New House Build in Sydney

The time it takes to build a house varies on several factors. In the capital cities, you can expect to wait between 9 and 18 months from start to finish. It depends on where you build, whether it’s an established or new development, size of the block and product choice.

From application to building approval: 6-10 weeks (it varies) in a best-case scenario, this time increases for multi-dwelling buildings. You should apply for your building permits before getting ready to start work. The time is taken from applying to building approvals, construction, and completion can vary depending on your state or Territory in Australia.

Some builders have their own architect on-site so that the design team is all part of one company. This makes it easier for them to coordinate with their builder and get through the approval process at a faster rate than if contacting separate architects and designers.

Building approval process times

A building application may be made to the relevant planning authority for the development of one or more dwellings, or even a complex development (i.e. where a number of different landowners, developers or builders are involved). An agent will request details from site plans, sketches of work proposed, location maps and any other information which they require to assess the application in detail before it is approved by the council.

This process can take around 6-10 weeks but it all depends on many factors such as the region you live in and how busy the council’s approval department is at that time etc…then comes the designing process:

The design team will usually make one set of drawings to show how your house will look from both outside and inside. They will usually include floor plans, elevations and details of all construction work. A building surveyor or engineer may be asked to check your house design before you start building so that the new home meets all relevant council and environmental standards

From application to completion: 2-3 years (on average) from beginning to end, depending on the region. That means if everything goes smoothly (which it rarely does): Planning Approval – 6 weeks; Building Permits – 3 weeks; Design Stage with a Designer – 4-6 weeks; Construction with a Builder – 12+ months (Remember your builder can pull out at any time in this process for any reason without notice, so this could increase the time).

How can I build a new home?

There are three ways you can go about building your new home. You have the option of purchasing an existing property or land and then renovating it, building a new home yourself, or hiring a construction firm that will manage the project for you. You can also choose to have the house built for you, by using an accredited builder or buy purchasing a house & land package like the ones available in Austral & Marsden Park.

How long does home building take?

Total time frames start at 8-12 months and can be as quick as 12 weeks, depending on your requirements. If you’re hiring a contractor to manage the process for you, construction times vary between builders, but typically range from four to six months. It may take longer to deliver nationally due to differences in state and territory regulations

How long do home building process approvals take?

You need to get approval before starting construction – it could take up three or four months for formal approvals, although some states are quicker than others. And if your plans aren’t approved correctly, they may be rejected during the process of assessment. Additionally, there is an average of two more months taken by suppliers and contractors to manufacture and deliver materials.

What can increase the time taken to build a house?

If the design and build of the house are complex because of factors such as foundations, access, retaining walls or building height, then it could take upwards of 24 months to complete. The quality of the builder/design/contracting team will also have a bearing on timing. The occurrence of uneven land is also a factor so ensure to account for any excavation on land process costs and time delays. Other things such as using a custom builder to design custom homes can also increase the time. Other unique factors can include ensuring the is no piping running through the property where the building will go & soil testing to ensure it can sustain a building could also be taken into consideration.

How do I build a house on my own?

If you’re going to build your new home yourself, it can take between 12-18 months (not including approval times) depending on which state or territory you are in. It’s advisable that you plan carefully before proceeding to ensure that all documentation is correct and all appropriate approvals have been obtained from the local council. Additionally, there is an average of two more months taken by suppliers and contractors to manufacture and deliver materials.

It’s important to recognize that building a house for yourself comes with its own risks. Mistakes can be costly if not professionally managed, while agencies simply don’t have the capacity to ensure builders comply with regulations 100% of the time. If you’re going down this route, make sure you know what you’re doing before proceeding to avoid the cost of rectification work.

How do I build a house with a builder?

If you choose to use a builder they will help guide and assist with the process from start to finish. The main benefit of using a builder is that they have knowledge of building codes and regulations in your state or territory. A reputable builder will also ensure that energy efficiency is considered in their design plans for your home. Generally speaking, building times range between 8-12 months (not including approval times). Large projects may take longer (eg: multi-storey buildings) as there are many steps involved before construction can begin. Once planning and approvals have been obtained, it’s important to understand that builders are subject to fluctuations in the market, meaning construction dates may change.

How long to build a house once the foundation slab is poured?

Placing a slab is the most time-consuming part of building a house, with this stage taking about 8 weeks. The remainder of the house will take a decent portion of time to complete. It’s really dependent on how many trades are involved in the build and how professional they all are.

If you’re having trouble getting an idea of exactly when your home should be completed, it may be worth asking the builder/developer for at least a few quotes from different contractors before proceeding to ensure that they have accurately estimated dates and costs for their work. Can I purchase a partially built house?

Average time to build a house in Sydney?

Depending on the size of your house, the building timeline can take anywhere from 12-24 months to build. This time includes planning approvals, building and installation of fixtures and fittings (it’s a lengthy process).

Factors impacting How long does it take to build a house?

The time it takes to build an average home in Sydney varies, depending on the type of house, the size of the floor plan, the building materials & the finishings used. It also depends on whether the house is a kit home, a house & land package, a custom home construction or an off the shelf display home. Building a house on a block that already has services such as water and sewerage will shorten this period.

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