Ivanhoe Estate Precinct & Masterplan

The Ivanhoe Estate redevelopment is an example of the government working with the private and non-government sectors to create a healthy and sustainable urban development. It is close to jobs, schools, transportation and community facilities.

The redeveloped area will be diverse, healthy, and sustainable due to its excellent proximity to jobs, education, transportation options for getting around the city.

The redevelopment of the Ivanhoe Estate is going to change it into a well-located neighborhood with it’s masterplan providing an insight showing a total capacity of 3,000 units on the site. This includes 950 social housing units and 128 affordable rental properties.

The project is being done by the Aspire Consortium which has partners Frasers Property Australia and Citta Property Group. They are working with Mission Australia Housing on this project for low-income homes.

The new development will be supported by a revitalized infrastructure. The $120 million worth of community facilities include: an expansive multifunctional centre that includes the hall, gymnasium and pool; as well as shops on site to serve everyone’s needs with cafes or restaurants for foodies out there too!

Macquarie Park is a fast development suburb with multiple project on the horizon, such as further redevelopment of the Macquarie Centre, the Metro line soon having direct access to the CBD via a new tunnel under Sydney Harbour and many development occurring in the region such as Macquarie Green, Natura Macquarie Park and even proposals such as the one by Meriton.

There is also space made available next door at our village green where you can socialize while getting some fresh air – whether it be during daylight hours when its still light outside (and pleasant), evening time after work has ended but before kids get home from school… or even early mornings if your preference dictates these things.

Ivanhoe Estate Masterplan

The proposed development at Macquarie Park will be an integrated social housing project, with 900 units dedicated to low-income residents. It is also planned that there be 128 affordable houses within the estate–making it possible for more people from different backgrounds and income levels are able live together as one community!

The Aspire Consortium is delivering the project on behalf of LAHC. This collaboration between community housing provider Mission Australia Housing, developers Frasers Property Australia and Citta Property Group will bring investment to our housing in Sydney’s growing Northern Suburbs.

Map of the Ivanhoe Masterplan

Here is a map from the proposed buildings in November 2019

Detailed proposed map of the Ivanhoe Estate in NSW showing potential location of buildings in November 2019.

Ivanhoe Estate Location

Ivanhoe Estate is located in the suburb of Macquarie Park located near major arterial roads.

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