House and Land Packages in Austral

If you’re looking to make a move this year, and the new house and land packages in Austral NSW are looking like a good bet, we have some essential information for you.

The area is quickly becoming one of the more popular locales for buyers looking for house land packages that offer a lifestyle that’s close by high schools, the Leppington Train Station and brings a friendly community to new home buyers.

That said, if you’re looking for a new house or land in Austral NSW 2179 and aren’t too sure of the area just yet, take a look below.

Is Austral a good work-from-home suburb?

For those of us who remain working at home, it’s good to note that the Austral area is a tranquil suburb over 40km the heart of Sydney, making it a great location for those looking to make the move to work from home.

The area remains quite new, with house and land being the main focal point for developers at the moment, however, with a number commercial property developments underway, there’s a good chance you’re going to see a lot of cafes, shops and other amenities cropping up in the years ahead.

For those interested in Austral as a business-from-home hub, it may be worth a shot. You’ll have plenty of open space to relax after work, and get a workout in and there’s a good NBN FTTP connection waiting for you, meaning you’ll have access to speeds of up to 1,000mbps.

What is the distance to the city from Austral?

As Austral is being developed in one of Sydney’s outer growth corridors, it is a fair ways from the city, at 42km from Sydney’s CBD.

However, this might be a plus for those looking for affordable land packages here, as its growth prospects are looking quite good for the years ahead. It may be a rural locale at the moment, however, with house sales remaining high and development on the horizon, value is set to climb.

There is easy access to Sydney via the M5 motorway, and there are bus and train connections one suburb over with the Leppington being your easiest connection to get to the CBD in just over an hour.

Is Austral set to become a major town centre?

For those looking to buy a house in a quiet neighbourhood, we’re happy to say that a house or land package here in Austral should be good to keep you out in the suburbs for at least a few years.

Although development in Austral looking on the up, it isn’t currently poised to become a major hub, however, when it comes to property development and a hub for new home buyers, it is set to grow quite a bit. With a few thousand homes under development, as of writing, and good connections to the inner suburbs, you’re looking at a land package being snapped up relatively quickly.

You can take a look on the Austral NSW 2179 town centre website for routine updates on whether life here is expected to change too drastically because of property development or new house land developments making a move on parklands or open space.

One thing to note is that families with needs such as high schools, shopping malls and other amenities should look forward to further developments in the area as this will bring higher sale value and improve lifestyles for those with a new home here.

What are the surrounding amenities around Austral?

When it comes to land in Austral and buying a house here, you’ll certainly want to do your research before attending a sale auction.

We’re happy to say that, although the area is quite new, it is on the up with regards to amenities. There’s the ‘Aerotropolis’ plan in place to make a house or land sale in Austral NSW a winner for those who want to be in the centre of Western Sydney’s newest transport hub.

There is also a short 20-minute drive to Liverpool from Austral, so you’ll have easy access to chain stores when it comes to furnishing your new house here. There is the connection to the Leppingston Station we mentioned above, and a good connection to the city via the M5 which will also get you from the country to some of the best beaches in NSW in about an hour.

There are good private schools in the area too, making a new home in the area a good buy for new families and first home buyers with kids.