Western Sydney Stadium in Parramatta Almost Complete

Western Sydney Stadium Parramatta
Western Sydney Stadium Parramatta - Source: NSW Planning

Parramatta is in the midst of an infrastructure boom & one of the many cultural attractions which will enhance Parramatta’s offering is the new Western Sydney Stadium which will replace the old Parramatta Stadium which i currently on-site.

The demolition of the old Parramatta Stadium is no complete, included in this demolition was the removal of Parramatta Pools which will be relocated to the Parramatta Park (This project has received funding from the NSW Government & will be further funded by Parramatta Council).

This amazing $300 Million stadium will bring patrons a lot closer to the action with its slanted seats which rise more vertically than any other stadium in Sydney, making it ideal for that “game day atmosphere”.

The stadium will be the home ground for the A-Leagues Western Sydney Wanderers & the NRL’s¬†Parramatta Eels.

Inside view of the Western Sydney Stadium
Inside view of the Western Sydney Stadium - Source: NSW Government

The stadium will have a seating capacity of 30,000 & be the most advanced stadium in terms of corporate facilities on completion. It will have large LED screens which will make it easy to see what is going on in the game & provide a true immersed experience.

The stadium will also have the potential to be used for various entertainment events such as live music festivals, expo’s & just about anything else which requires a large capacity will premium facilities.

The Parramatta Light Rail is expected to run adjacent to the stadium which will provide easy access to the ground & increase capacity for large events (such as the A-Leauge Sydney Derby).

It is expected that the new Parramatta Stadium will be completed by the year 2019.

Western Sydney Stadium Aerial View
Western Sydney Stadium Aerial View - Source: NSW Planning

Here is a progress update photo from May 2018:

Western Sydney Stadium Progress May 2018
Western Sydney Stadium Progress May 2018 - Source: Parravillian from SkyscraperCity

Here is a progress update photo from September 2018:

Western Sydney Stadium Progress September 2018
Western Sydney Stadium Progress September 2018 - Source: Parra_1 from Skyscrapercity


    • One would hope the final product will address all these issues, upon completion the stadium will be the most advanced & steepest stadium in Australia providing a unique experience which will definitely be worth attending for the atmosphere alone.

      On that note, I don’t think we will be seeing 10am games for a very long time IMO.

  1. There is a lot of talk about the steepness of the new Western Sydney Stadium. Are there adequate lifts and escalators for people seated in the upper levels? Surely there would be provision for the older fans, fans that have been members for 15/18 years.