The T1 Western Line Quickly Turning into The Highrise Line

Granville Station Highrise Development
Granville Station Highrise Development - Source: Parracity

Along the T1 Western Line between Parramatta & the City,  virtually every station is essentially being converted into a highrise residential hub or is already a highrise residential hub from previous booms in the property cycle (e.g. Burwood, Strathfield, Auburn & Ashfield).

One only needs to take a train on Australia’s busiest stretch of railway, the T1 Western Line between Parramatta & the City (Central) to realise just how much building is going on, from the massive twin 19 story towers at Granville, to the Flour Mill redevelopment at Summer Hill/Lewisham, to the boom of Lidcombe over the past 3 years shows just how intense the highrise boom within Sydney is.

At last count there were 7 cranes with a few hundred metre radius at Homebush Station which is the midway point between Parramatta & the City.

The face of Sydney has been completely changed as most of these high density residential developments & mixed-use meaning there is a retail/commercial component to the development on the ground level which in turn activates the street making it more vibrant & liveable as it provides the amenity many residents which live upstairs require in daily life.

The “Town Centre Gentrification” of railway station suburbs caters to the social living preferences of the younger generations where they prefer to live closer to work which is commutable & does not require sitting in traffic (e.g. mass transit/metro), along with having amenities such as cafes & gyms within walking distance of their home.

This preference for convenience over space can be seen with building approvals, where for the first time ever, NSW had more high density residential apartments be approved than detached houses, which have been the norm for over half a century.

You can expect to see a lot more development as recent approvals start construction. Over the next 2 years the development pipeline is quite strong along the entire corridor & as demand increases for these transit-orientated developments, you can expect cranes to keep dotting up along the main T1 western train line for many years to come.