Western Sydney City Deal Key Features

Three City Sydney 2056
Three City Sydney 2056 - Source: Greater Sydney Commission

The Western Sydney City Deal is a smart cities initiative by the government to increase amenity & the standard of living for the residents of Western Sydney.

A successful Western City is one where residents can live, work, study, and access services locally. Sydney will be connected by world-class road, rail, aviation and digital infrastructure.

The Australian and NSW Governments, together with eight local governments of Western Sydney, signed the Western Sydney City Deal on 4 March 2018.

The City Deal is a 20 year agreement between the three levels of government to deliver a once-in-a-generation transformation of Sydney’s outer west – creating the ‘Western Parkland City’.

The City Deal builds on the Australian Government’s $5.3 billion investment in the Western Sydney Airport to catalyse investment, development and job opportunities. It also includes measures to maintain and enhance Western Sydney’s unique character by improving community infrastructure and liveability.

The Deal Focuses on six main objectives each with key features, here is a list compiled from the plan:

The new Western Parkland City will be one of Australia’s most connected cities. In an emerging 30-minute city, innovative public transport, aviation and digital infrastructure will bring residents closer to jobs, centres, education and the world.

Key Features
• North South Rail Link (from St Marys to the Aerotropolis via Western Sydney Airport)
connecting people with new high-value jobs and the world
• Rapid bus services linking Liverpool, Penrithand Campbelltown with the Aerotropolis by the opening of the Airport
• Exploring 5G network and smart digital technology to generate opportunities for
creative, digital and technology businesses and better connected communities

Jobs For The Future
The Western Parkland City will create 200,000 new jobs across a wide range of industries over the next 20 years. The Airport and Aerotropolis will attract infrastructure, investment and knowledge-intensive jobs, and the benefits will flow into health and education, retail, hospitality, and industrial activities that will power the City.

Key Features
• The Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis will be a world-class employment sector for jobs in
aviation, aerospace, defence industries and advanced manufacturing
• A high employment agribusiness precinct to leverage the airport by providing new domestic and export opportunities for NSW farmers
• An Investment Attraction Fund and Western Sydney Investment Attraction Office
• A Western Sydney Development Authority to plan and develop the genesis of the Aerotropolis
• Establishing the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission in Penrith
• Releasing government land to drive economic growth
• Targets for Indigenous employment, social employment and procurement

Skills & Education
Residents of the Western Parkland City will have access to the best in education and skills training opportunities. A new university, schools and VET facilities will align with the highskilled businesses and industries of the Aerotropolis.

Key Features
• Aerospace Institute
• Expressions of interest for a STEM university
• Aerotropolis VET facility to upskill future workforces
• High-performance secondary school connecting students with aviation, engineering, science and the industries of the Aerotropolis
• TAFE Skills Exchange to grow talent in the construction of the Western Sydney Airport

Livability & Environment
The Western Parkland City has a unique landscape that is surrounded by protected natural assets. Its future neighbourhoods will be even more liveable and sustainable. Local project funding will create healthy and active communities that build on their strengths and support open spaces.

Key Features
• Western Parkland City Liveability Program to support local character, wellbeing and belonging in communities
• Restoring and protecting the South Creek corridor to form a sustainable urban parkland
• A Strategic Assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)

Planning & Housing
Innovative approaches to planning for and delivering housing will ensure that growth is balanced with maintaining the local character of the Western Parkland City.

Key Features
• A Western Parkland City Planning Partnership to achieve better outcomes in planning approvals
• A $30 million Western Parkland City housing package to ensure sustainable growth
• Streamlined and optimised planning practices to support future growth
• Short- and long-term housing targets and housing strategies
• Growth Infrastructure Compacts piloted to match housing and jobs growth with delivery of infrastructure

Implementation & Governance
The Australian, NSW and local governments will work together to support the growth, success and sustainability of the Western Parkland City

Key Features
Signing the City Deal is just the beginning of a committed project of transformation over the next 20 years. The community will be able to track the City Deal’s progress and be confident in the Western Parkland City’s long-lasting success:

• Publication of annual reports on Western Sydney City Deal implementation
• Monitoring key performance metrics
• Reporting to ministers and local government representatives
• Western Sydney City Deal to be reviewed after three years
• Ongoing updates to progress available on the Greater Sydney Commission’s Data Hub

Preferred Network for Western Sydney Rail
Preferred Network for Western Sydney Rail Source: NSW Government

The above information was extracted out of the Western Sydney City Deal PDF plan which can be found on the Infrastructure Cities website where you can read the extended pdf for further details on the plan.