The Future F6 Freeway Route Dubbed SouthConnex

F6 Corridor Study Area
F6 Corridor Study Area - Source: NSW Roads & Maritime

The F6 corridor route has been announced by the NSW state government & currently there is detailed testing being conducted along the corridor to determine underground rock and soil conditions for the tunnel.

These are the current areas of study:

  • Arncliffe to President Avenue
  • President Avenue to Taren Point
  • Taren Point to Loftus
  • Loftus to Waterfall

The route if built would eventually connect up to the M5 section of WestConnex at Arncliffe in the north & the M1 Princess Highway at Waterfall in the south. The project is being dubbed to be called SouthConnex.

It is expected the new motorway would bypass 42 sets of traffic lights between Tom Ugly’s Bridge in Sylvania and St Peters & 18 sets of traffic lights between Tom Ugly’s Bridge in Sylvania and Loftus. This will make commuting from any suburb south of Waterfall much easier for those who work in Sydney & is a missing link in Sydney’s Motorway Network.

An announcement on the project is not expected to be made in the near future as it is dependent on several other motorway projects, such as Westconnex being completed first. It will also have to go up against all other infrastructure projects for funding including Light Rail projects, Sydney Metro projects & Other motorway projects such as the Northern Beaches Link as there are limited funds.

The future for the project does look promising for the F6 Freeway and with the state government’s commitment to do geo testing in the corridor, only strengthens this viewpoint.

Update (Thanks to Nigel)

The public transport option for the route has been ignored according to an article posted by the Sydney morning herald.

According to 7 News, The Roads minister Duncan Gay revealed that the geotechnical work results for the SouthConnex project came back & found that there is a lot of sand along the route where the tunnel would go. This material is undesirable for tunnel construction meaning the route may have to be changed & could involve the compulsory acquisition of properties along the new route if the project goes ahead.

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  1. This article has reminded me of strongly opposed I am to the proposed F6 Freeway extension. There seems to be a lack of organised groups or petitions against the idea, so I’ve started a facebook page called “No F6 Freeway”. Please like and follow if you, too, can’t see the benefit in another freeway attracting more cars to this route – or you’re interested in learning more about why we think there will be no benefit.

    • As with any major infrastructure project there will always be opposition. Do you believe a high speed rail line to Wollongong from Central via Sutherland would be a much better spend of funds?

  2. Your post dated 9-May-2017 is out of date already. Two events have occurred since then which, in my eyes, mean the cost and ROI on the F6 simply isn’t justified.
    1. The result of the geotechnical survey that you mention have already been announced. They clearly increase the costs of building the freeway:
    2. The public transport option has been ignored and really needs to be considered.

    • Hey Nigel, thanks for your efforts in compiling the data. We have updated the article & credited you. It looks like the further time goes on, the more unlikely this project is becoming & the worse it will be for residents along the route.