Northern Beaches Link Preferred Route Announced

Northern Beaches Link Tunnel
Source: NSW Government

The Beaches Link preferred route has been announced by the NSW government. This is a breakthrough for the people of the northern beaches as they have been promised upgrades to the heavily congested Spit Road bridge highways for decades now.

The new Beaches Tunnel Link will link up with the Western Harbour Tunnel which in turn will connect to Westconnex making it much easier to access the Northern Beaches from Parramatta & Western Sydney. It will also link to the M1 motorway at the Warringah Interchange for quick access to the Sydney CBD, which in turn easily links to the M2 for easy access to Macquarie Park, Norwest, The Hills District, the M7 & Northconnex.

This tunnel will be a godsend for the traffic nightmares the Northern Beaches residents face as it will bypass 19 sets of traffic lights from Brookvale to the Sydney CBD & will make the journey from Parramatta to Manly an astounding 45 minutes shorter.

It is expected that 71 property owners will be affected by the route & will have their properties acquired by the government in the construction of this road.

It is expected that this will be a toll-road meaning motorists will pay for using the new motorway tunnel.

It is expected that the project will take roughly 5 years to build with an exact time frame on the start of construction yet to be announced.

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