APX Proposed a 6 Floor Hotel in Wetherill Park

APX Hotel Wetherill Park

APX have proposed a tower 6 story tower in the Wetherill park industrial area located in 449, Victoria Street, Wetherill Park. It will consist of a hotel & motel component, a medical centre & all associated car parking.

The development is expected to have a build cost of approximately $20,700,000 which will be one of the biggest developments in the Fairfield region.

This will be the first major hotel development in the Wetherill Park-Smithfield industrial area which is the biggest industrial area in the southern hemisphere.

It makes perfect sense to add a hotel in this region as it does have an extremely high concentration of businesses. As investment into this region grows, it could further boost future investment which can be from further afield hence creating demand for an overnight stay within the area.

The new APX hotel/Motel could be a catalyst for the area as Fairfield city council have recently completed the Wetherill st upgrades in Wetherill Park as part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan.

Wetherill Park is also expanding their industrial footprint by adding a portion of the Western Sydney Parklands to their land mass as a decision made my the government stated that 2% of the land mass of the Western Sydney Parklands will be for the dedicated use of an industrial/factory area.

A portion the 2% will be on the Horsley Park side of the industrial area and there are several factories under construction in the region, meaning more potential demand for the APX hotel development.

More information on the APX hotel development can be found on the Planning panels website where you can also view the final decision on this development.