48 Story Tower Proposed for 116 Macquarie St Parramatta

116 Macquarie St Render

48 Story Tower Proposed for 116 Macquarie St Parramatta

116 Macquarie St Render

The Parramatta CBD is once again producing the goods in terms of a dense, livable urban environment.

116 Macquarie Street in Parramatta which will be known as Charles Street Parramatta is a mixed-use skyscraper development which will encompass office, retail & residential space in the heart of the Parramatta CBD.

Characteristics of 116 Macquarie St Paramatta Development

Developer:Statewide Planning Pty Ltd
Architect:Stanisic Architects
Location:116 Macquarie st, Parramatta, NSW, 2150
Height of Building:156m High
Number of Buildings:1
Number of Floors:48 Floors
Number of Apartments:385
Amount of Retail Space:625sqm
Amount of Office Space:4968sqm
Number of Car Parking Spaces:207
Number of Motorcycle Spaces:17
Number of Bicycle Spaces:223
Build Cost in AUD ($):$97,000,000
Estimated Completion Date:~2020
Construction Status:Proposed
166 Macquarie St Exterior Render
166 Macquarie St Exterior Render - Source: Stanisic Architects

The highrise tower will reach a height of 156m above ground which will include 48 floors and have a podium height of 12 floors which is in keeping with the building next door. This tower will add quite a bit of density to the Parramatta skyline further beefing up its presence within metropolitan Sydney.

The location of the tower is very central within Parramatta being only a short walk to Parramatta station, the riverfront, Parramatta Ferry, Parramatta Westfield, the surrounding office buildings for employment purposes & being opposite Parramatta’s proposed vertical highrise high school.

The cost of construction for the 116 Macquarie Street development which according to the Parramatta City Council DA documents is $97,267,407 making it a very substantial addition to the Parramatta CBD in terms of sheer economic value.

Elevations for the 116 Macquarie St Parramatta development

116 Macquarie St Parramatta Elevations
116 Macquarie St Parramatta Elevations - Source: Stanisic Architects

Within the development, there will be a total of 385 residential apartments, 207 car spaces, 17 motorcycles spaces & 223 bicycle spaces. In terms of commercial space there will be 625sqm of retail space & a total of 4968sqm of office space according to the DA.

The developer of Charles Street Parramatta is Statewide Planning Pty Ltd & the architect is Stanisic Architects.

If approved, it is expected that under a normal timeframe the development would be completed in the year ~2020.

Location Map of The Charles Street Parramatta Development

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