180 George by Meriton has been Approved

180 George Parramatta By Merition Render
180 George Parramatta By Merition Render - Source: Woods Bagot

The development now to be known as 180 George according to the official Meriton website has now been fully approved by the Sydney Central City Planning Panel.

These towers will be the tallest residential buildings in Parramatta holding both the 1st and 2nd place upon completion with 8 Phillip St expected to take second place later in a few years time assuming the construction progress schedule is not impacted.

These towers by Merion are expected to the largest twin towers outside of any major capital city in Australia.

Charles George Parramatta by Meriton
Charles George Parramatta by Meriton – Source: Woods Bagot

It will have space for an impressive 767 apartments plus 216 serviced apartments including 640 car spaces and 188 bicycle spaces. It will also include 2,300sqm of retail space, a childcare centre plus a gym. Another massive plus is that it will include a pedestrian site through link making everyone’s lives easier.

This is very exciting news for the residents of Parramatta & Western Sydney. More development updates are to come in the future when the building commences skyward construction.

Introducing the 180 George Parramatta twin skyscraper designs by Woods Bagot developed by Meriton.

This period of development is unprecedented for Parramatta & will take it to official CBD status very quickly. Meriton has been very active in the Parramatta & GPOP area over the past few years.

The Parramatta development pipeline is bursting at the seems. After Meriton have completed both Altitude Towers on Church Street, they are now jumping east of the Parramatta CBD where they have proposed two towers right on the Parramatta River.

Development Attributes of Charles & George Parramatta

Architect (Building):Woods Bagot
Building Use:Residential, Serviced Apartments, Childcare Centre, Gym & Retail (ground Floor)
Location:180 George st, Parramatta, 2150
Number of Buildings:2
Height of Building #1:186m
Height of Building #1:211m
Number of Floors in Building #1:57
Number of Floors in Building #2:66
Number of Floors Underground:5
Number of Apartments:767 Apartments
Number of Serviced Apartments:216 Apartments
Car Parking Spaces:640 Spaces
Construction Cost:$228,808,086
Estimated Completion Date:~2021
Construction Status:DA Submitted
Charles George Parramatta by Meriton - Source: Woods Bagot

The Meriton twin towers proposed for 180 George Street called Charles & George appropriately named as they are on the intersection of both Charles & George streets will be very tall.

The first tower will stand 55 floors and reach a height of 186m making it taller than any other tower outside of the Sydney CBD. The second tower will be the tallest still, scaling 66 levels to reach a maximum height of 211m from ground level making it far taller than any other building currently built outside of the Sydney CBD making it the tallest in Parramatta at the time of writing & only being shorter than the Aspire Commercial Tower in Parramatta Square.

The development will include the following amenities:

  • 767 residential units
  • 216 serviced apartments,
  • 2,329sqm of retail floor space
  • A child care centre
  • A commercial gymnasium

The development will also include 640 car parking spaces which will be located in a new 5 story underground basement.

Charles George Parramatta Close up View
Charles George Parramatta Close up View - Source: Woods Bagot

Charles & George is being developed by Meriton which is Australia’s largest private property developer & are known for fast turnarounds on developments as displayed by the recent developments such as the Altitude Towers in Parramatta & the Retreat Towers in Sydney Olympic Park.

The architects are Woods Bagot which is an industry leading architectural firm proving why they are World Class by the design of these towers. They also designed the 8 Phillip St Tower  in Parramatta which has been recently approved.

Here are the detailed elevation plans for each respective building:

Charles George Elevations South Tower
Charles George Elevations South Tower - Source: Woods Bagot
Charles George Elevations
Charles George Elevations - Source: Woods Bagot

The project does not yet have an estimated time of completion but it is expected that it will be completed sometime around ~2021, assuming it is approved.

The development cost has been estimated according to the Parramatta DA website at $229,000,000 meaning this development will represent a huge economic injection into the Parramatta CBD & surrounding area.

Map of Charles & George Towers on 180 George St Parramatta


  1. Quite attractive buildings – in my opinion.
    Much better than the black eyesores Meriton has inflicted on Brisbane’s skyline, i.e. Soleil and Infinity.
    They look like they were designed for $3.50, especially Infinity, where the white panels tacked on to the outside make it look cheap and nasty…in my opinion.