11 Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen Designs For Sydneysiders

Beige Stone poolside Outdoor Kitchen
Beige Stone poolside Outdoor Kitchen

What is an outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen as the name suggests is a kitchen located outside. One can decide to place another kitchen outdoor for pleasure purposes. Events such as parties need bbqs and grill that can be fixed outside in order for everyone to access it. Other people feel holed up in the kitchen especially during cold seasons so they opt to cook outside instead. Location of the house also contributes. If there is beautiful scenery across why not put an outdoor kitchen so that you cook while admiring the beautiful Mother Nature?

Types of outdoor kitchen

  • Simple – These are the kitchens that do not have everything an indoor kitchen have. It serves as a place that can facilitate kitchen activities. This kitchen can have a cabinet to store basic requirements like utensils and counter. A tap and fireplace or grill can be adjacent to it.
  • Complex – This kitchen has everything an indoor kitchen has. Apart from utensils and source of fire, this outdoor kitchen can have a sink and a fridge in addition to all other kitchen equipment.
  • Perimeter – Some find it easy to attach an outdoor kitchen to one end of the wall. The counter and cabinets are nailed against the wall making it easy to construct.
  • Satellite – This is an outdoor kitchen constructed some distance away from the indoor kitchen. It is good when the place of partying or the occasion is further away like near the beach or next to the start of a hill or any other natural scenery that makes outdoor eating breathtaking.

How much they cost

When considering the cost of an outdoor kitchen, you must bear in mind that it is not a cost but an investment. Even then, it will not cost a buck as there are no walls or windows nor doors to set up.

All you will need is to evaluate the main purpose of the outdoor kitchen you want. Then you can decide what type of kitchen you want. The average price people spend on outside kitchen is approximately $70000-100000AUD. These are the basic ones with no additional additions.

  • Grill and outdoor countertop=$10000-$15000
  • Perimeter kitchen=$90000-$100000
  • Satellite kitchen = 20% of perimeter kitchen

The Best Looking Designs

Twin eagles outdoors

This design is just out straight of the wall connected to the door. It allows for maximum utilization of the interiors. It can be stand alone or next to a wall but gives an open design.

Lynx outdoor kitchens

This is a type of satellite kitchen. Normally stand alone in a distance from the kitchen. It is an L-shape kitchen around a field or a swimming pool. This kitchen has everything an indoor kitchen has.

Alfresco outdoor kitchens

This is a more detailed kitchen. It has a refrigerator, a grill, and other accessories. Their setup is normally for luxury more than the basic functions. This kind is incorporated in the destination holidays more than homes.

Fire magic outdoors

These are the kind of outdoor kitchens that utilize firewood as a source of a fire, they are smaller in size but complete in functionality.

Here are the top 11 best outdoor Kitchen Designs we have compiled

1. Stone Woodfired Outdoor Kitchen

Stone Woodfired Outdoor Kitchen
Stone Woodfired Outdoor Kitchen

2. Granite Stone Outdoor Kitchen

Granite Stone Outdoor Kitchen
Granite Stone Outdoor Kitchen

3. High-End Outdoor Kitchen

High-End Outdoor Kitchen
High-End Outdoor Kitchen

4. Classy Stone Outdoor Kitchen

Classy Stone Outdoor Kitchen

5. Classic Outdoor Kitchen

Classic Outdoor Kitchen

6. Grey Stone Outdoor Kitchen

Grey Stone Outdoor Kitchen

7. Vintage Style Fireplace Outdoor Kitchen

Vintage Style Fireplace Outdoor Kitchen

8. Granite Outdoor Kitchen

Granite Outdoor Kitchen

9. Outdoor Zen Garden Kitchen

Outdoor Zen Garden Kitchen

10. Beige Stone poolside Outdoor Kitchen

Beige Stone poolside Outdoor Kitchen

11. White Stone Kitchen

White Stone Kitchen

Lets us know which outdoor kitchen design you think is best for your home or renovation by commenting down below.