Apartment Proposals Beginning in the South West Growth Centre

Apartments Byron Road Leppington

The south west growth centre has been years in the making, the south-west rail extension has now been operating for a year and housing estate developments and starting to pop up in the suburbs of Edmondson Park, Leppington, Oran Park, and surrounds.

Development proposals can be seen being lodged with the Camden and Liverpool LGAs around the new Leppington and Edmondson park town centres signalling they will soon be the next Rouse Hill Town Centre, which in the past these town centres once completed create a demand of their own because they are unlike anything else available within the Sydney metro area.

Here a some examples of what is going up:

15 Rynan Avenue, Edmondson Park

15 Rynan Avenue Edmondson Park NSW 2174

This will be with the town centre and provide residents with easy access to shops and transport via Edmondson Park Train Station.

Byron Road, Leppington

Apartments Byron Road Leppington

This development will be within the Leppington town centre and will set the benchmark with the precinct.

Within the next 5 years these areas will be completely transformed and Leppington will be seen as a city itself contributing to Sydney’s Idea of becoming a City of Cities. There is an estimated 30,000 expected to move into the Leppington area and approximately 10,000 people are expected to move in and around Edmondson Park making these centres quite substantial, bigger than many towns in NSW.

With solid infrastructure in place which was thought about ahead of time which significantly improves amenity of future residents aswell as being near the M5 and M7 it shows good signs. This is especially true with the future second Sydney airport coming along with the proposed Western Sydney employment area meaning not only will there be infrastructure for these communities but there will be jobs close to home aswell.

The NSW government stated 50% of all jobs will be created in Western Sydney, and the Western Sydney airport providing 60,000 of those along with the proposed Western Sydney Employment Area (WSEA) taking the total to 200,000. It is clear that this region along with the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan is booming in every sense of the word.