Westconnex M4 East Tunnel Opens to Traffic

Westconnex M4 Tunnel Entrance
Westconnex M4 Tunnel Entrance from M4 - Source: mw123 from Skyscrapercity

After some delays, the final section of the first stage of the Westconnex named the M4 East from Homebush to Haberfield will open this weekend on the 13th of July 2019 at 2am in the morning.

The motorway extension of the current M4 where it currently ends on Parramatta Road at Strathfield will continue approximately 4km closer to the CBD where new entry and exits are created at Parramatta Road in Haberfield & Wattle Street in Haberfield.

Westconnex CharacteristicsWestconnex Facts
Tunnel Length:5.5km
Cost to use the M4 East Tunnel:$4.27
Opening Date:13th of July 2019
Exit #1:Wattle Street, Haberfield
Exit #2:Parramatta Road, Haberfield
Payment Method:E-tag
Westconnex Haberfield Parramatta Road interchange
Westconnex Haberfield Parramatta Road interchange – Source: mw123 from Skyscrapercity

The Tunnels will be three lanes in each direction, having the ability to handle a significant increase in road capacity from day 1. This forms the completion of the first stage of the $16.8 Billion Westconnex project.

The cost to use the tunnels will be $4.27 for motorists, however, you must keep in mind this is just for the tunnels, the total to travel from one end at Church St in Parramatta to the other end at either Wattle St or Parramatta Road in Haberfield will be a maximum of $7.89

Westconnex M4 East Tunnel Entrance from M4
Westconnex M4 East Tunnel Entrance from M4 – Source: mw123 from Skyscrapercity

It is important to note that there will be no toll-free period list there was on the widened M4. You will have to pay to use the motorway tunnels from day one. This is so there is no backed up traffic going into the city from the western suburbs.

The NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian estimates that there will be a total of 67,000 trips per day by mid-2021.

When the entire Westconnex project is completed, there will be up to 52 traffic lights which will be bypassed from the beginning to end. Here is an image of the future Westconnex map:

Map of Westconnex
A map overview of the completed Westconnex project in 2023

Upon completion which is estimated to be in 2023, Westconnex will be the longest urban road tunnel in the world putting Sydney on the global map in terms of infrastructure delivery and transport complexity of the project (particularly the stage 3 underground interchange).