The Changing Skyline of Parramatta

Parramatta CBD Plan

The transformation Parramatta is receiving it beyond one in a generation, it’s once only, ever. It seems there are new proposals every week, some skyscrapers towering over 200m high such as the Parramatta Square 8 named Aspire.

The image above clearing illustrates the booming skyline at dusk where there will soon be skyscrapers in every direction.

There is an unprecedented amount of proposals with 7,000 apartments either under construction, approved or proposed to be developed within the next 5 years. This highlights the change Parramatta in experiencing converting it from a suburban centre into a city centre dubbed to be Sydney’s second CBD and this makes sense as it is located in the geographic centre of Sydney and close to where the population is.

The featured photo by Parramatta City Council which can be viewed at has a bold pan to take Parramatta into the future with its Parramatta 2038 plan making the Parramatta CBD a highly technical, highly livable city centre to work, live & play. Making the community denser with beautiful architecture improves livability and the facilities coming on stream such as an upgraded Parramatta stadium and the Parramatta Light Rail improves amenity.

We at build Sydney will be closer monitoring the progress of the Parramatta CBD and will create our unbiased verdict on whether Sydney’s second CBD is a success or failure. One thing is for sure, a second major commercial centre closer to the population within Western Sydney where 60% of the population growth will occur in the next 20 year is desperately needed.


Parramatta bursting st the Seams
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