The Telopea Priority Precinct Fact Sheet

Telopea Town Centre Concept Render
Telopea Town Centre Concept Render

The suburb of Telopea is set to become a Priority precinct, as announced by the NSW Government. This will involve more high density around the suburbs transport nodes, mainly their current Telopea Railway Station & their future light rail station.

Here is a run-down of some frequently asked questions which will help indicate the future direction of the Telopea priority precinct:

Why is this precinct of interest?

Telopea is connected to public transport, including the Carlingford train line and the future Parramatta Light Rail. It would take under 15 minutes from Telopea to Parramatta CBD on the light rail.

Planned investment by Government will act as a catalyst for the renewal of the whole of Telopea, making it highly suitable for increased housing supply. Planned investment by Land and Housing Corportation (LAHC) will be the catalyst for whole area renewal

How will renewal happen?

Telopea’s revitalisation is planned to occur in stages over the next 20 – 30 years. The first stage, currently underway, is the development of a precinct plan and rezoning proposal for the area addressed by the Master Plan for Telopea, prepared by LAHC in consultation with the City of Parramatta.

The precinct plan also identifies areas for further investigation and potential rezoning in Stage 2.

How will infrastructure be planned and funded?

With increased population and more housing, infrastructure and open space are needed. Councils deliver infrastructure such as local roads and parks which are funded by council rates or by developers. When more significant state infrastructure, such as emergency services, schools, state and district roads, district open space and transport facilities, are needed, the Planning Minister will consider declaring the precinct a Special Contribution Area.

This means infrastructure will be funded by developers through a Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC).

What are the benefits to the community?

Living and working near to public transport, shops and services makes life more convenient and enjoyable. Having a range of housing helps people live close to family and friends, no matter what their life stage.

Better coordination across government helps ensure infrastructure such as schools, parks, community facilities, public transport and road upgrades is delivered to support community needs.

How can the community get involved?

We work closely with the community, councils and other stakeholders on a range of opportunities to participate in planning for each precinct. This includes surveys, project updates, social media, public events, face to face meetings and formal submissions.

We will be seeking community feedback on a draft precinct proposal and rezoning proposal for TelopeaStage 1, which we anticipate will be released within the next six weeks.

Planning Process
Planning Process - Source: NSW Planning
Telopea Catchment
Telopea Catchment - Source: NSW Planning

Information for this precinct was taken from the NSW Planning fact sheet.