Sydney Olympic Park’s 2030 Masterplan Has Been Updated

Sydney Olympic park, already a priority growth precinct called the Carter Street/Olympic Peninsula growth precinct is set to grow even further with the announcement today by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority that Sydney’s future dwelling capacity will need to increase from 664,000 by 2031 to 726,000.

What Infrastructure is Coming on stream or been Proposed to Underpin Growth?

Sydney Olympic Park will benefit from the Westconnex being at it’s doorstep, the Parramatta light rail passing through it, an upgrade to ANZ stadium and a potential Sydney Metro extension from Central, through White Bay, Sydney Olympic Park and onto Parramatta and beyond to the New Badgerys Creek Airport.

There is no shortage of infrastructure coming but none of these pieces of infrastructure show how the government tackle the Australia Avenue morning peak hour traffic disaster.

Number of additional dwellings to the masterplan

There will be an 4,700 dwellings in Sydney Olympic Park by the year 2030. This is up from the previous forecast of 6,000 up to the 2016 masterplan revision to 10,700 dwellings.

Number of Additional people living within the precinct

There will be an additional 9,500 people within the precinct by 2030. This is up from the previous masterplan of 14,000 to the 2016 revised masterplan of 23,500.

Number of additional workers

There will be an additional 2,500 workers expected within the Sydney Olympic Park area by 2030. This is up from the previous plan of 31,500 to the 2016 revised number of 34,000.

Number of additional students

There is no change in the number of students that will study within the Syndey Olympic Park region in 2030. This number is expected to stay the same at 5,000.

However this number may be grossly underestimated as there will be a 80% increase in the number of people living in the precinct, where will these extra kids go to school if not in the area? It could be a transport disaster if not planned correctly.

Sydney Olympic Park is Set to Boom
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