The Roxy Hotel in Parramatta To Aim for the Stars

The Roxy Tower Parramatta
The Roxy Tower Parramatta - Source: RAA Architects

The Roxy hotel is Parramatta is an icon and has been used in the past as a theatre for the suburb & most recently it has been used for a nightclub but now the suburb is changing skywards.

A proposal has been submitted to the City of Parramatta for consideration to add a highrise tower directly above the Roxy building which will be refurbished to be used as a cafe, restaurant & theatre.

Characteristics of The Roxy Tower, Parramatta:

Architect:RAA Architects
Building Use:Mixed Use - Commercial & Retail
Location:69 George St, Parramatta
Number of Buildings:1
Height of Buildings:126m
Number of Floors:33 floors
Construction Status:Concept
The Roxy Internal Structure
The Roxy Internal Structure

The epic transformation of the Roxy Hotel will include 3 distinctive features, these are:

  • Entertainment facility
  • Commercial premises
  • Function centre

The building is set to have a height of 126.4m above street level & 136.77m RL (above sea level) which includes the 15% height increase for design excellence from the original 112m above street level.

There will be a restaurant catering to 1,250 patrons, an entertainment area to cater for 1,050 patrons, restoration of the old roxy theatre to cater for 1,000 patrons, a cafe & retail precinct connecting to the Civic Link development with a capacity for 450 patrons & a total of 21,000sqm of gross floor area for the office between levels 6 & 30.

Under current plans it is set to become a 33 story mixed-use predominantly commercial tower.

The Roxy Skyscraper
The Roxy Skyscraper

The location is spectacular for the kind of development being close to Parramatta station, the future Parramatta Light Rail, & being located on the future Civic Link development.

The Architects for the concept development & renders are RAA Architects. At this stage there has been no developer selected to build the tower.

There is no expected timeframe for this development however it has been submitted for a DA so this development is moving along on paper.

This development will be another leap forward for the dramatic transformation of Parramatta.

Here are the detailed elevation plans for the Roxy Hotel Redevelopment

Roxy Hotel Tower Elevation Plans
Roxy Hotel Tower Elevation Plans

Here are the detailed ground floor plans for the Roxy Hotel Redevelopment

The Roxy Ground Floor Plan
The Roxy Ground Floor Plan

Location Map of The Roxy Hotel

The Roxy Location - Source: City of Parramatta

Concept renders are courtesy of RAA Architects & the City of Parramatta.

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