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New Apartments in Arncliffe [Off The Plan]

New Apartments Annangrove Nsw

The Annangrove area in New South Wales has recently seen the development of new apartments that offer modern and stylish living spaces for residents. These apartments come with a range of features and amenities that make them ideal for individuals or families looking for comfortable and convenient living arrangements.

Located in a prime spot within Annangrove, these apartments are close to various amenities such as shopping centres, schools, parks, restaurants, and public transport. The design of the apartments is contemporary and innovative, blending comfort and luxury with functionality.

This article will delve into the various features of the new apartments in Annangrove NSW, their benefits, and how interested parties can apply to secure a unit.

Key Takeaways

– The new apartments in Annangrove NSW are located in a desirable area with a high population growth rate.
– The apartments are close to a variety of amenities including shopping centers, schools, parks, restaurants, and public transport.
– The design and features of the apartments include modern and sustainable construction with smart home technology, contemporary architecture, and energy-efficient appliances.
– The application process includes a background check and lease agreement, with tenants responsible for maintaining cleanliness and taking care of damages.

Features and Amenities of the New Apartments

The newly constructed apartments in Annangrove, NSW offer a range of amenities and features for residents to enjoy. With smart home technology integrated into the design, residents can control lighting, temperature and security from their smartphones or devices. This not only enhances convenience but also promotes energy efficiency.

The sustainability practices employed in the construction of these apartments are also worth noting. From water-saving plumbing fixtures to energy-efficient appliances, these measures help reduce environmental impact while ensuring comfortable living spaces for residents. In addition to these eco-friendly features, the apartments boast modern finishes and spacious layouts that provide ample natural light and ventilation.

Overall, the combination of smart home technology and sustainability practices make these new apartments an excellent choice for those seeking a modern lifestyle with minimal environmental footprint. The convenient location in Annangrove is just another added benefit that complements this already impressive package of amenities and features.

Convenient Location in Annangrove

Located in a highly accessible area, the convenience of various amenities such as shopping centers, schools, and parks within a 5-kilometer radius makes it an ideal location for families.

In fact, according to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Annangrove has experienced a population growth rate of 16% in the past five years due to its desirable location. Moreover, public transportation options are readily available making daily commutes easier for residents.

The local schools situated near the new apartments provide quality education for children while also ensuring their safety with proximity to their homes. With its strategic location and accessibility to necessities and luxuries alike, it is no surprise that Annangrove is becoming increasingly popular among families seeking comfortable living spaces.

Moving on to the next section about modern and stylish design- these new apartments not only offer convenience but also boast impressive architectural features that make them stand out in terms of aesthetics.

Modern and Stylish Design

With its sleek lines and contemporary finishes, the architecture of these new apartments in Annangrove NSW represents a fusion of modernity and elegance.

The innovative architecture not only provides residents with a stylish living space but also incorporates sustainable materials, making the building eco-friendly.

The use of sustainable materials helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the building while creating a comfortable living environment for residents.

Moreover, the design features such as ample natural light and ventilation further enhance the sustainability aspect while ensuring that residents can enjoy an airy and bright living space.

These features make these apartments an ideal choice for those who value environmentally conscious living without compromising on style and comfort.

Moving ahead into benefits of living in Annangrove, one can experience a perfect balance of urban convenience and tranquil atmosphere at this location.

Benefits of Living in Annangrove

Prospective residents of this area can enjoy a peaceful and idyllic lifestyle while still being within close proximity to nearby urban areas.

Living in Annangrove offers numerous benefits, including access to community events that promote a sense of belonging and connection with others. Residents can participate in local festivals, cultural activities, and other events that foster a strong sense of community spirit.

In addition, the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and picnicking. The area boasts several parks and reserves where residents can relax and unwind amidst stunning scenery.

Furthermore, Annangrove is home to excellent schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and healthcare facilities that ensure all daily needs are met conveniently.

In summary, living in Annangrove presents an ideal opportunity for those seeking a tranquil suburban lifestyle without sacrificing convenience or amenities. To secure your new apartment in this desirable location today…

How to Apply and Secure Your New Apartment

One can secure their desired residence in Annangrove by following the application process outlined by the property management company. The first step is to fill out an application form and provide all the necessary information, such as personal details, rental history, employment status, and references.

Once this is done, the property management company will review the application and conduct a background check on the applicant. If approved, the next step is to sign a lease agreement that outlines all the terms and conditions of renting the apartment. It is important to carefully read and understand this legal document before signing it.

In addition to paying rent on time and abiding by house rules, tenants are also responsible for maintaining cleanliness and taking care of any damages caused during their stay. By following this application process and adhering to lease agreement terms, one can successfully secure a new apartment in Annangrove NSW.

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Arncliffe Apartment Stats & Facts

  • Arncliffe Area Breakdown
  • Suburb: Arncliffe
  • LGAs: Bayside
  • Postcode:
  • Elevation: 32
  • People Total: 12023
  • People Breakdown
  • People Male Percentage: 51.20%
  • People Female Percentage: 48.80%
  • People Average Age: 34
  • Family Households: 2859
  • Single Households: 918
  • Group households: 291
  • Couple family without children: 1150
  • Couple family with children: 1322
  • One parent family: 467
  • Other family: 75
  • Education Breakdown
  • Bachelor Degree level and above: 3392
  • Advanced Diploma and Diploma level: 926
  • Certificate level IV: 211
  • Certificate Level III: 710
  • Year 12: 1657
  • Year 11: 255
  • Year 10: 751
  • Year 9 or Below: 589
  • Inadequately described: 258
  • No educational attainment: 213
  • Not stated: 1157
  • Employment Breakdown
  • Worked Full Time: 3115
  • Worked Part Time: 1650
  • Away From Work: 717
  • Unemployed: 332
  • Personal Income: $856
  • Family Income: $2205
  • Household Income: $2046
  • Dwelling Total
  • Occupied Dwellings: 4063
  • Unoccupied Dwellings: 496
  • Type of Dwelling
  • Seperate House: 1626
  • Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse etc: 436
  • Flat or apartment: 1966
  • Other Dwelling: 20
  • Number of Bedrooms per House
  • Bedrooms None (includes studio apartments or bedsitters): 28
  • 1 Bedroom: 391
  • 2 Bedrooms: 1655
  • 3 Bedrooms: 1170
  • 4 Bedrooms or more: 753
  • Number of bed rooms not stated: 72
  • Average number of bedrooms per dwelling: 2.6
  • Average number of people per household: 2.7
  • Average number of motor vehicles per dwelling: 1.5
  • Owner Occupier vs Rental Totals
  • Owned outright: 972
  • Owned with a mortgage: 1306
  • Renting: 1640
  • Public Housing: 84
  • Housing Costs
  • Rent (Median): 500
  • Median mortgage repayments: 2319
  • Household renting equal to or less than 30% of Median rent: 968
  • Household renting greater than 30% of Median rent: 552
  • Mortgage households where mortgage repayments are less than or equal to 30% of household income: 911
  • Mortgage households with mortgage repayments greater than 30% of household income: 264