113,000 Jobs & 72,000 Homes for Greater Parramatta

North Parramatta Precinct
North Parramatta Precinct - Source: NSW Planning

The Greater Parramatta precinct is set to benefit from over 113,000 additional jobs & 72,000 extra homes over the next 20 years.

Two big job centres which will see a huge benefit is Westmead & Sydney Olympic Park:

  • 30,000 job in Westmeads Health & Education Precinct by 2036
  • 16,500 jobs at Sydney Olympic Park by 2036

There 12 precincts which make up the Greater Parramatta region are:

  • Westmead
  • Parramatta North
  • Parramatta CBD
  • Harris Park/Rosehill
  • Rydalmere
  • Carlingford Light Rail Corridor (including Telopea and Dundas)
  • Silverwater
  • Camellia
  • Sydney Olympic Park/Carter Street
  • Homebush
  • Parramatta Road
  • Wentworth Point

Here is a short video with an overview of the precinct:

There Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula will be split up into 4 quarters, here is a map for reference:

Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula Vision
Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula Vision - Source: NSW Planning

Quarter 1: Parramatta CBD and Westmead Health and Education Super Precinct Parramatta CBD and Westmead will play a critical role, offering a dynamic combination as a commercial core, civic heart, health, education and research hub. This super precinct will be GPOP’s westernmost economic anchor – attracting human talent, investment, creative and innovative activity.

Quarter 2: Next Generation Living from Camellia to Carlingford A 21st-Century living, learning and leisure district is planned for this northern area of GPOP. It will comprise a mix of medium to high-density housing types with nearby education, research, retail, recreation and entertainment facilities providing all the conveniences of ‘inner-city’ living. Smart, vibrant and inclusive communities are the goal.

Quarter 3: Essential Urban Services, Advanced Technology and Knowledge Sectors in Camellia, Rydalmere, Silverwater and Auburn At GPOP’s centre is a major hub of urban services spanning across Rydalmere, Camellia, Silverwater and Auburn. This areas unique centrality in Greater Sydney offers its businesses great access to markets and customers.

Quarter 4: Olympic Park Lifestyle Super Precinct The world-class sporting and event venues of Sydney Olympic Park to GPOP’s east come alive when there are crowds of tens of thousands – that is, on major game days, at concerts and events. Sydney Olympic Park is GPOP’s eastern economic anchor offering inner-city living in the Sydney Olympic Park Town Centre, Carter Street and Homebush Precincts

Sydney Olympic Park Precinct
Sydney Olympic Park Precinct - Source: NSW Planning

It is expected that there will be a levy of approximately $20,000 per dwelling for newly built properties along the corridor which will go towards funding infrastructure projects such as parks, the Parramatta Light Rail, Schools & potentially the Sydney Metro West.

The entire size of the growth area is 3,500 hectares, making it one of the biggest priority areas in the entire country. It is expected that one completion it will truly facilitate the Greater Sydney Commissions plan of being the “Central City” with Parramatta at its heart.

It is expected that $10 Billion of new infrastructure will be built in the precinct over the next 5-10 years.

Here are some of the potential projects which could be completed within the timeframe:

  • Parramatta Light Rail (Stage 1)
  • pedestrian and cycle links throughout the precinct
  • numerous road and intersection upgrades
  • new and upgraded primary and secondary schools
  • a network of public open space areas
  • the revitalization of the Parramatta River foreshore.

The precinct is the Geographic & population heart of Sydney. It is expected that 50% of Sydney’s population will live west of Parramatta by 2036, meaning the success of the Greater Parramatta region & the Central City is vital to the economic success of Sydney & Australia as a whole.

Here is an overview of the housing & jobs growth forecasts for each precinct within the GPOP growth area:

Greater Parramatta Housing Forecast 2036
Greater Parramatta Housing Forecast 2036 - Source: NSW Planning
  • Westmead (30,000+ extra jobs by 2036)
  • Parramatta North (3,000+ extra homes & 1,000+ extra jobs by 2036)
  • Parramatta CBD (20,297 extra homes & 48,763 extra jobs by 2036)
  • Camellia (10,000+ homes & 8,850+ extra jobs by 2036)
  • Sydney Olympic Park/Carter Street (15,396+ extra homes & 22,000 extra jobs by 2036)
  • Homebush (12,504+ extra jobs & 5,997 extra jobs by 2050)
  • Parramatta Road (4,708 extra homes & 14,308 extra jobs by 2050)
  • Wentworth Point (7,316+ extra homes & 300 jobs by 2036)