Here are the latest development occurring within Sydney. These development are grouped by the post date. If you would like to find developments to a specific area or suburb, you can use the search function at the top of our website. Every development includes a characteristics table which includes vital information on the development which includes but may be limited to the developer, architect, building height, number of floors, number of apartments, number of car spaces, the cost of construction and a link to the development official website. Feel free to take a look below and starting browsing the list of developments within Sydney.

Bligh Tower Rooftop Bar

A New 200m+ Hotel is coming to the Sydney CBD

A new 200m hotel tower has been proposed for the Sydney CBD's Northern end where it will feature a lifestyle, affordable luxury tower which will be rated somewhere between 4 & 5 stars & contain spectacular views over Sydney harbour.
The Roxy Tower Parramatta

The Roxy Hotel in Parramatta To Aim for the Stars

The Roxy Hotel has proposed a concept to restore the facility & bring it into the 21st century by redeveloping the theatre, connecting it to the future civic place link & adding a modern 33 story commercial skyscraper on top.
The Aspire Tower on the Parramatta Square Skyline

Aspire Tower will now be a Commercial Skyscraper

The Aspire Tower in the Parramatta CBD will no longer be the tallest residential tower in NSW, instead, it will be the 3rd tallest...
4.5-Star Marriott Parramatta CBD

New 4.5-Star Hotel Proposed for the Parramatta CBD

A DA has been submitted for a 94m tall 4.5-star hotel in the Parramatta CBD which will be 24 floors in total operated by Starwood Marriott.
Victoria Cross Metro Tower Aerial Render

North Sydney Metro Over Station Development Proposed

A 167m Commercial Tower has been proposed above the new Victoria Cross Station as part of the Sydney Metro Stage 2 development
130 George st External Facade Render

Dexus Proposes a 138m Office Tower in Parramatta

A 138m office tower has been proposed by Dexus for 130-150 George st featuring a spectacular design by architect Bates Smart
Liverpool Civic Place Render

Liverpool Civic Place Proposal to Transform the CBD

Liverpool Civic Place will transform the Liverpool CBD into a true regional city with a new university campus, civic space, library & offices
50 Macquarie St Office Tower Ground Level

Office Tower Proposed for 50 Macquarie St Parramatta

The 50 Macquarie St Parramatta office tower proposal will add A-grade office space to its market where the current vacancy rate is 0%.
Rhodes Central Twin Tower Render

Rhodes Central Set to Become the Suburbs Tallest Building

Rhodes Central will be the tallest building in Rhodes rising 127m to the roof & 144m to the Heliostat which is only the 2nd in Sydney.
ground-level view render of the Parramatta Council Chambers Building at PSQ5

Parramatta Civic Centre known as PSQ5 DA Lodged

The new Parramatta Council building will be a $90,000,000 achitectual masterpeice which will bring Parramatta Square to life.