The Old Cumberland Newspaper Site in the Parramatta CBD

142-154 macquarie st Parramatta arial view

Parramatta is changing. Along with its fancy highrise buildings, it’s new young demographic and new university campuses, developments are not just a place to live but instead a place to LIVE.

The difference being that instead of life happening around the development, life is happening within the development itself attracting people via its great architecture and various facilities offered which is exactly what the old cumberland newspaper site is providing.

142-154 macquarie st Parramatta Plaza

Characteristics of the 142-154 Macquarie st, Parramatta Development:

Architect (60 & 25 story tower):PTW Architects
Architect (35 story tower):Collins & Turner
Location:142-154 Macquarie st, Parramatta, 2150
Height of Tower 1:186m
Height of Tower 2:120m
Height of Tower 3:88m
Number of Towers:3
Floors of Tower 1:60 floors
Floors of Tower 2:35 floors
Floors of Tower 3:25 floors
Total Number of Apartments:964 apartments
Total Number of Hotel Rooms:150
Total Commercial Space:14,000m2
Total Retail Space:1,000m2
Parking Spaces:1,300 spaces
Amenities:Rooftop Pool & Restaurant

This development will be Parramatta’s new eastern gateway and be the first building people living east of Parramatta (which is currently the majority, however forecasted to be a minority in 2036) meaning it is of great significance as it will be a very visible building for years to come.

In the professional opinion of Build Sydney, this development truly sets a standard in development. Particularly at street level where developments normally misallocate space for the public, the architects have done a phenomenal job ensuring the space is as inviting and friendly as possible.

From an architectural standpoint, this development is outstanding and truly shows what direction the Parramatta CBD is headed too.

Collins Turner architecture

Apartment prices have not been public at this point however they will be included in the characteristics table once this information becomes publicly available.

The height of the 60 story tower will dominate the skyline for decades and is in the class of the nearby 8 Phillip st development in Parramatta hovering around the ~200m high mark. It will be a true masterpiece for the surrounding community to observe once it is completed.

142 macquarie st parramatta

The development will include 964 apartments and 1,300 car spaces which some may criticize as an overkill, especially considering online talk about the potential oversupply of apartments in the Parramatta market.

We believe this to be noise and that the Sydney market overall needs new dwellings, Developments like this create a certain amount of demand and people want to live here. Lets hope this development is targeted towards the owner-occupier rather than investors especially foreign ones.

Location Map of 142 Macquarie st, Parramatta:

The site has been demolished and construction is expected to begin sometime in 2017 with the entire project being completed somewhere in the year 2020-2021.