The Belmore & Lakemba Priority Precinct

Belmore Priority Precinct
Belmore Priority Precinct

The suburbs of Belmore & Lakemba are set to become Priority precincts under the NSW government’s latest plan. This will involve more high density around the suburbs transport nodes, mainly their future metro stations as part of the Sydney Metro Stage 2 project which will see a conversion of the Bankstown line from double deckers o metro trains.

There will be trains running every 4 minutes in the peak which will be able to serve 1000s of extra passengers per hour & ensure faster journey times into the city thus making it a great location to increase density.

Here is a run-down of some frequently asked questions which will help indicate the future direction of the Lakemba & Belmore priority precincts:

Why is this precinct of interest?

The Sydney Metro and renewal of the Sydenham to Bankstown rail corridor provides a once in a generation opportunity for growth in this area.

In Lakemba, opportunities for new homes will be underpinned by a new metro station, improved walkways to the Haldon Street shops and enhanced open spaces.

Belmore will continue to be a vibrant town centre with enhanced opportunities for restaurants, cafes and improved open space

How will infrastructure be planned and funded?

With increased population and more housing, infrastructure and open space are needed. Councils deliver infrastructure such as local roads and parks which are funded by council rates or by developers.

When more significant state infrastructure, such as emergency services, schools, state and district roads, district open space and transport facilities, are needed, the Planning Minister will consider declaring the precinct a Special Contribution Area. This means infrastructure will be funded by developers through a Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC).

What are the benefits to the community?

Living and working near public transport, shops and services makes life more convenient and enjoyable. Having a range of housing helps people live close to family and friends, no matter what their life stage.

Better coordination across government helps ensure infrastructure such as schools, parks, community facilities, public transport and road upgrades is delivered to support community needs

How can the community get involved?

We work closely with the community, councils and other stakeholders to provide a range of opportunities to participate in planning for each precinct. This includes surveys, project updates, social media, public events, face to face meetings and formal submissions.

We will be seeking community feedback on a revised Sydenham to Bankstown urban renewal corridor strategy which includes these precincts.

The revised strategy will be released within the next six weeks and the community will have opportunities to inform more detailed planning for these precincts in the future.

Steps Moving Forward for the Precinct

Planning Process
Planning Process - Source: NSW Planning

Location on the Precinct

Belmore Lakemba Priority Precinct
Belmore Lakemba Priority Precinct - Source: NSW Planning

Information for this precinct was taken from the NSW Planning fact sheet.


  1. Hi Dejan

    Do you by any chance have an updates on the Belmore & Lakemba Priority Precinct?

    I would like some updates which sounds great for the community and improving the suburbs It needs a facelift!

    • Hey Laurette, I will be spending a lot more time on the Build Sydney website so stay tuned as there will be a lot more projects coming onto the site including potential ones in Belmore & Lakemba as the area is expected to be gentrified once the Sydney Metro project is completed