What is a Battleaxe Block?

Bondi to Vaucluse blocks of land from above
Bondi to Vaucluse blocks of land from above

An Australian battleaxe block is the backside of a divided block of land, which is accessible by a narrow road or driveway on one side of the lot.

They are usually cheaper to purchase and technically more complex to build than standard blocks.

They can also be a good way to get access to a waterfront due to a subdivision.

Examples of Battleaxe Blocks in Sydney

Most blocks are rectangular, but this block is shaped like a trapezoid for easier street connectivity.

Are battleaxe blocks of land common in Sydney?

Battleaxe blocks of land are common in Sydney, especially surrounding the city and Parramatta gateway.

Battleaxe lots are quite common in the south-western part of Sydney & along with riverside locations (such as the Georges River, Parramatta River and the Hawkesbury River).

And it is all council land that can be subdivided for housing, industrial developments or just left alone because it’s green space and beautiful parks.

When new residential dwellings are constructed in these regions they are usually single-story/double-storey brick veneer houses on battleaxe lots.

Does a Battleaxe Block Make Driveway Access Difficult?

A battle-axe block can rarely make driveway access difficult as long as the building has an open layout with two wings and doesn’t have a solid wall facing the street.

Building on battleaxe blocks

A battleaxe lot is a piece of land behind a row of homes. It has access to the street through its long driveway, and closely resembles an axe handle with a blade.

Battleaxe blocks are considered difficult building sites by the builders, but it all depends on how smart and efficient the building process is a good is to design & subdivide battleaxe blocks in the most desirable parts of the city

Pros of Battleaxe Blocks of land in Australia

The pros of battle-axe building blocks of land in Australia are that they have a lower cost than standard building blocks.

Standard land lot vs battleaxe block

A standard lot is a rectangular parcel of land that does not have any unusual, irregular shapes. The lots are typically one square kilometre or two square acres in size. Battleaxe blocks are combinations of different sized and shaped pieces of land that are subdivided into smaller lots.

Advantages of standard land lot vs Battle Axe

Standard land lots allow for greater flexibility in terms of the plot ratio. A developer can design the structure to fit into a smaller area and use more of the land for recreation.

They also offer more opportunities for higher density development because they have uniform sizes and shapes. For example, developers could take advantage of corner units by building taller buildings that maximise floor space without compromising natural light and ventilation or views out of windows.

Having rectangular units allows for easy calculation and application of setbacks (minimum distance between neighbouring structures). Having a battleaxe block may also influence the amount of time it takes to build a house, so this is worth considering and asking several builders for advice bforehand.

Standard lots are relatively easy to subdivide so there is less risk in buying offcuts from larger parcels as they are fairly homogeneous. Lots made up exclusively or mostly of rectangular-shaped pieces of land are also easier to develop as they have fewer awkward shapes.

Both Battle-axe blocks and standard lots in desirable areas are sometimes considered to be an investment class asset.

Standard lots come in a variety of different sizes. This not only allows for flexible development but also creates an opportunity for diversity and choice.

Higher density means less green space so it is then possible to make up for this lack of open space by means of parks or other recreational areas. On the other hand, larger plots can be sold off individually so people can buy specific sections that they want rather than having to pay for something extra that they will not use or need.

Does a Battle Axe Block have a Street Frontage?

No, a battle-axe block does not have a street frontage so you will not be able to see the house as you drive along the road. Battle-axe lots do not have street kerb appeal as the house on a battle-axe lot cannot be seen from the street.

Is the Access location an Issue on Battleaxe Plots of Land?

No, generally access to the property or home is not an issue. The owner can gain site access to the area by driving up a (relatively short) driveway. It just means you are likely to have 4 house neighbours instead of the usual three neighbours.

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