Atlassian Central HQ – Sydney’s Timber Skyscraper

Atlassian Central Skyscraper Rooftop Render

Atlassian Central HQ – Sydney’s Timber Skyscraper

Atlassian Central Skyscraper Rooftop Render

The construction of Atlassian Central marks a pivotal moment in Australia’s commercial property landscape, with the aim to reduce the environmental impact through sustainable and innovative strategies.

This precinct will anchor on a $3 billion deck covering the Central Station rail yards. This will provide numerous access and travel paths for users connecting all parts of Sydney via train, bus and light rail lines.

The tech giant Atlassian, along with Dexus have partnered to play an integral role in facilitating future opportunities for the Tech Central Precinct.

Atlassian Central Development render by Dexus, next to Central Station
Atlassian Central Development render by Dexus, next to Central Station

Built, in a joint venture with Obayashi Corporation (BOJV) , were previously engaged in the Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Phase in 2020. They were also selected in mid-2022 to deliver this fantastic project.

Atlassian Central Development Characteristics

Developer:Atlassian and Dexus
Architect:SHoP Architects & BVN Architecture
Location:8 -10 Lee Street, Haymarket
# of Storey:40
Use of Development:Mixed-use (commercial,residential)
Development Status:Under Construction
Estimated Completed Date:2027
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Design of Atlassian Central

The 40-storey building will feature a hybrid timber and steel design, including a mix of outdoor and indoor spaces that increase the natural ventilation and integrate nature that will rely entirely on renewable energy for its operational needs.

Atlassian Central Tenants

The anchor tenant will be the software giant’s Atlassian HQ, which will accommodate up to 4000 staff.

Other tenants will include YHA Australia, which are responsible for providing affordable youth hostel accommodation. They will be taking up 5 floors which totals to 480 beds for travellers. This will create a diverse mix of end users that will be soaking in the amenities of this great tower.

Internal render of the Atlassian Central development by Dexus, highlighting the greenery that will be available to staff

Heritage preservation in the development

One notable feature during construction is the heritage preservation of the ground floor Parcel Sheds, which have served as a former storage location, and were constructed in the early 1900s.

This effort will entail carefully deconstructing the heritage-listed Parcel sheds, disassembling and transporting them off-site for refurbishment, and then reinstating them in the ground floor lobby. This will form as the frame body of this space, whilst maintaining the historical significance of this location.

Transport surrounding the Timber Skyscraper

This development will be at the heart of new Metro links, centered at the intersection of the Devonshire tunnel. The Sydney Metro City links from Central will connect users to Chatswood metro line, as well as the Bankstown line, passing through stations such as Barrangaroo, Crows Nest, Sydenham and Marrickville.

This will provide users with convenient travel and access from many parts of this city. Undoubtedly, the engineering, functionality and aesthetic  appeal of this skyscraper will become a topic for discussion for years to come.

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