Altitude Tower in Blacktown by Tony Owen’s in Now U/C

Altitude Blacktown Exterior Render
Altitude Blacktown Exterior Render - Source: Tony Owens

The Altitude tower development in Blacktown will become Blacktown’s tallest building on completion. It will be a landmark tower for the suburb and turn Blacktown into yet another highrise suburb of the greater Sydney Metropolitan region.

Characteristics of The Altitude Tower, Blacktown:

Developer:Sphere Developments
Architect:Tony Owens
Location:28 Second Ave, Blacktown, NSW 2148
Number of Buildings:1
Height of Buildings:79m
Number of Floors:24
Number of Apartments:106
Build Cost in AUD ($):$26,000,000
Build End Value in AUD ($):~$60,000,000
Estimated Completion Date:~2018
Altitude Blacktown View of Sydney's Skyline
Altitude Blacktown View of Sydney's Skyline - Source: Tony Owens
Altitude tower Blacktown Exterior Render
Altitude tower Blacktown Exterior Render - Source: Tony Owens

Altitude will feature a black & white coloured building at a height of 79m above ground & a maximum height of 130m which is sure to provide great views to the Sydney CBD. This represents the number of levels for the development being 24 including ground level.

The development will include 106 residential apartments, most of which have been sold meaning the only way to buy apartments in the Altitude tower would be on the second-hand general market.

The development will be located within the Blacktown CBD, only moments away from the Westpoint shopping centre & Blacktown Railway Station which now has express journey’s to the Sydney CBD in just 32 minutes. The development will set a new standard for the suburb as it looks to densify in a major regional centre within the Sydney metro area.

The location of Altitude is the developments best feature after it’s spectacular architecture as residents will not need a car as you will have all of the amenities of Blacktown within walking distance.

The developer of Altitude is Sphere Developments. The architects of the building are Tony Owens which deserve a special mention as they are award winning architects with some of the best designs in Sydney.

Altitude is expected to be completed in 2018 & will have an end value of $60,000,000 AUD making it the most expensive building upon completion in Blacktown.

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Location Map of the Altitude Tower in Blacktown

Photo's of Altitude Under Construction

Altitude tower Blacktown under construction

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