10 Skyscrapers Changing the Parramatta CBD Skyline

Here is a comprehensive guide to the future of Parramatta’s skyscrapers with the top 10 skyscrapers which will grace the skyline in the coming years.


Skyrise Parramatta External Render
Skyrise Parramatta External Render

The Parramatta CBD skyline is truly starting to grow. 11 Hassall St is a residential tower which will stand out of Parramatta’s ever growing city skyline. This project is well underway and is already making a major impact on the skyline.

Once 11 Hassall St which is named Skyrise is topped out, it will be the second tallest tower in the Parramatta CBD only second to the 55-floor Altitude Tower by Meriton.

Characteristics of 11 Hassall St, Parramatta:

Developer:Macland Group
Architect (Building):PTI Architecture Group
Building Use:Residential
Location:11 Hassall St, Parramatta, NSW, 2150
Number of Buildings:1
Height of Buildings:138m
Number of Floors:43
Apartments:224 Apartments
Car Parking Spaces:198 Spaces
Build Cost in AUD ($):$54,578,000
Estimated Completion Date:2018
Construction Status:Under Construction

Charles Street Parramatta

116 Macquarie St Render

The Parramatta CBD is once again producing the goods in terms of a dense, livable urban environment.

116 Macquarie Street in Parramatta which will be known as Charles Street Parramatta is a mixed-use skyscraper development which will encompass office, retail & residential space in the heart of the Parramatta CBD.

Characteristics of 116 Macquarie St Paramatta Development

Developer:Statewide Planning Pty Ltd
Architect:Stanisic Architects
Location:116 Macquarie st, Parramatta, NSW, 2150
Height of Building:156m High
Number of Buildings:1
Number of Floors:48 Floors
Number of Apartments:385
Amount of Retail Space:625sqm
Amount of Office Space:4968sqm
Number of Car Parking Spaces:207
Number of Motorcycle Spaces:17
Number of Bicycle Spaces:223
Build Cost in AUD ($):$97,000,000
Estimated Completion Date:~2020
Construction Status:Proposed

The Macquarie Towers

Macquarie Towers

This is a substantial development which will make its mark on the eastern edge of Parramatta’s CBD and will be very visible coming from the East. Parramatta is no longer just a suburban centre and this is one of the many developments which show it’s growth and demand. In other words, Parramatta is waking up.

Characteristics of the 189 Macquarie st, Parramatta Development:

Location:189 Macquarie st, Parramatta, 2150
Height of Tower 1:167m (178m to the roof feature)
Height of Tower 2:126m (135m to the roof feature)
Number of Towers:2
Floors of Tower 1:54 levels
Floors of Tower 2:41 levels
Total Number of Apartments:~700 apartments
Total GFA (Gross Floor Area):60,000m2
F/S Ratio:10:1 (11.5:1 with design excellence)
Amenities:Gymnasiums, common rooms and communal gardens.

Meriton Twin Towers 180 George St

Old Render showing two towers at 180m each

The Parramatta development pipeline is bursting at the seems. After Meriton have almost completed both Altitude Towers on Church Street, they are now jumping east of the Parramatta CBD where they have proposed two towers right on the Parramatta River.

This period of development is unprecedented for Parramatta & will take it to official CBD status very quickly.

Characteristics of 180 George Street, Parramatta:

Architect (Building):Crone Partners
Building Use:Residential & Retail (ground Floor)
Location:180 George st, Parramatta, 2150
Number of Buildings:2
Height of Building #1:180m
Height of Building #1:211m
Number of Floors in Building #1:55
Number of Floors in Building #2:66
Gross Floor Area:91,298sqm
Non-Residential Space:16,935sqm
Floor-to-Space Ratio:11.44:1 (inc. 15% design excellence)
Car Parking Spaces:825 - 360 (existing) & 465 (new spaces)
Estimated Completion Date:~2020
Construction Status:Proposed

The Lennox

The Lennox Exterior Render

The Lennox Tower in Parramatta formerly known ad the Riverside Tower is a large scale development on the fringe of the Parramatta CBD. Parramatta City Council has called it a world class riverside precinct. The Lennox will stand tall on Parramatta’s growing CBD skyline.

Characteristics of The Lennox, Parramatta:

Developer:EQ Projects, LIDIS Group, Parramatta City Council Dev co
Location:12 Phillip st, Parramatta, NSW, 2150
Height of Building:152m High
Number of Buildings:1
Number of Floors:41 Floors
Number of Apartments:413
Build Cost in AUD ($):$154,658,592
Building End Value AUD ($):$400,000,000+
Estimated Completion Date:2019

Altitude Towers

Meriton Altitude Towers Parramatta

The Altitude Towers in the North of the Parramatta CBD have both been topped out. This is Meriton’s Tallest building to date in the Parramatta CBD, and to their credit, it has turned out magnificently.

This was originally proposed as a 22 and 33 story complex however with their plans submitted in 2013 & 2014 this now turned into a 39 & 55 story complex housing 375 apartments for private use and 254 Apartments available for short term stays.

Characteristics of The Altitude Towers, Parramatta:

Architect:Tony Caro
Location:330 Church St, Parramatta, 2150
Number of Buildings:2
Height of Building #1:177m
Height of Building #2:128m
Floors in Building #1:55 Floors
Floors in Building #2:39 Floors
Number of Apartments:375
Number of Serviced Apartments:254
Facilities:62 person Childcare Centre
Price for a 1 Bedroom in AUD ($):from $625,000
Price for a 2 Bedroom in AUD ($):from $795,000
Price for a 3 Bedroom in AUD ($):from $1,150,000
Groos Floor Area (GFA):63,979 sqm

2 O'Connell St Tower

2 O'Connell st Render

Parramatta has once again delivered the goods with a new proposal at 2 O’Connell Street being located next to the western end of Parramatta Westfield. This proposal is sorely needed to fill the gap in the skyline which has been dominated by Parramatta CBDs North towers of the Altitude Meriton Towers which are now completed.

Characteristics of 2 O’Connell St Development:

Architect (Building):~
Building Use:Mixed-use - Commercial/Retail & Residential
Location:2 O’Connell Street, Parramatta, 2150
Number of Buildings:2
Height of Building #1:217m
Height of Building #2:~35m
Number of Floors of Building #1:66 floors
Number of Floors of Building #2:11 floors
Number of Apartments in Building #1:427 apartments
Number of Apartments in Building #2:28 apartments
Underground levels6 levels
Car Parking Spaces:527 spaces
Estimated Completion Date:~2020
Construction Status:Planning Concept

The Cumberland Newspaper Tower

142 macquarie st parramatta

Parramatta is changing. Along with its fancy highrise buildings, it’s new young demographic and new university campuses, developments are not just a place to work but instead a place to live.

The difference being that instead of life happening around the development, life is happening within the development itself attracting people via its great architecture and various facilities offered which is exactly what the old cumberland newspaper site is providing.

Cumberland Newspaper Site Development Overview:

Architect (60 & 25 story tower):PTW Architects
Architect (35 story tower):Collins & Turner
Location:142-154 Macquarie st, Parramatta, 2150
Height of Tower 1:186m
Height of Tower 2:120m
Height of Tower 3:88m
Number of Towers:3
Floors of Tower 1:60 floors
Floors of Tower 2:35 floors
Floors of Tower 3:25 floors
Total Number of Apartments:964 apartments
Total Number of Hotel Rooms:150
Total Commercial Space:14,000m2
Total Retail Space:1,000m2
Parking Spaces:1,300 spaces
Amenities:Rooftop Pool & Restaurant

8 Phillip St

8-10 Phillip St Parramatta

If you need any evidence of the growth Parramatta is experiencing, look no further than this development at 8-10 Phillip st, Parramatta. This tower will soar 55 stories into the sky, coming to a total height of 200m above ground. If built today it would be the tallest building on the Parramatta skyline.

This development will be mixed use. It will consist of luxury residential apartments, a 5 star luxury hotel and a premium rooftop bar.

The 8 Phillip St Parramatta Development Overview

Architect:Woods Bagot
Development Use:Mixed-use (residential, Retail & 5-star Hotel)
Location:2-10 Phillip St, Parramatta, 2150
Height in metres:200m
Number of Buildings:1
Floors in # of stories:55 Storys
Number of Apartments:305
Number of Hotel Suites:252
Cost of Construction:$239,000,000
Estimated Completion Date:2020

The Aspire Tower

Parramatta Square Aerial View

The Aspire Tower in the Parramatta CBD will be the tallest building outside of the Sydney’s CBD within the greater Sydney metropolitan area. The Aspire tower will be the centerpiece of the Parramatta Square Development.

Characteristics of The Aspire, PSQ8 Parramatta:

Developer:Walker Corporation
Architect:Bates Smart
Location:160-182 Church Street, Parramatta, Australia
Height of Building:233m High
Number of Buildings:1
Number of Floors:72 floors
Number of Apartments:700 Apartments
Number of Hotel Rooms:150 Hotel Rooms
Build Cost in AUD ($):AU$700,000,000
Estimated Completion Date:2020

With all these developments, it’s only a matter of time before the Parramatta CBD overtakes Adelaide as Australia’s 5th largest CBD only being Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth. Parramatta is booming and all these developments are proof Parramatta is Australia’s new city.

Parramatta Skyscraper Overview
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